Since the last few years airconditioning has become a common part in one’s life. It gives them a solution adapted for summer- and wintertime.
So the needs for airco are growing ever since.

For work as well as private environment, airconditioning is the most modern and efficient way and solution that gives one all year long an enjoyable climate at home, at office buildings, shops, stores, companies.

In agreement with the client, installations are executed within the limits of the budget, the space and the needs of the client.

Airconditioning is the ideal treatment of the air temperature, the degree of humidifier, purification and guarantees the distribution of the air.

Airco is probably the best and profitable solution for our commun wellness as it purifies and ventilates the distribution of the air inside and keeps the level of humidifier under control.

What are the advantages of airconditioning :
Airco keeps cool and fresh in summertime : airco installations keep the temperature under control, it creates a climate of comfort and produces a pure air.

Airco warms in wintertime : due to a built-in heating pump, the airco system
provides the opportunity to warm up your space and gives you a natural comfort all year long.
Only advantages such as :
•lower energy consuming rate compared to alternative heating systems

•no combustion of fuel, but moving of hot air (heat)

•yields instantly heat, thus reducing considerably time between starting and warming up

•easy maintenance resulting in higher level of comfort to user.
Airco purifies : airco purification is very important to people.

Airco gives you pure air for people suffering from all kinds of allergies.
This is done by filters for dust, pollen, bacteries.

Airco unhumidifies : airco devices unhumidify the air of our environment so that we can benefit and enjoy a feeling of wellness.

Airconditioning can be placed both in new locations and in elder constructions.